Wedding Singers in Cheshire

There’s no doubt that your choice of musical entertainment is an integral part of a great wedding day, adds to the celebration and gets your party guests in good spirits! 

Gone are the days when for many a simple disco was sufficient…weddings are getting very creative and are often designed closely around the interests of the bride and groom this extends to the music!  On this site you will find details listed of all kinds of entertainment and wedding singers in Cheshire where we hope you will find the right one for you. This site will give you direct contact with them which means you will save money rather than going through an agent.   Book early too, to avoid disappointment as the best entertainers are usually booked months in advance.  Take a little time to think and plan what you want, to make your day unique.  Perhaps ask your friends and family for their ideas.  

When you pick your venue, make sure you find out in advance if there are any limitations on sound or even types of music etc that might restrict your choice before booking your wedding singers.  Register office weddings, for example, only allow secular music to be played – so no hymns or religious songs will be allowed.

Your wedding singers make your day unique!

Of course, you are not limited to music simply at your Reception.  Live musicians at the wedding itself are very versatile and therefore a good choice especially if your wedding is not taking place in a church, or is outdoors.  During photographs for example or during the signing of the Register, different types of music could be going on in the background to keep your guests happy and relaxed.  You may feel you need a couple of different types of singers or musicians, for the different parts of the day, or your musicians may be able to cope in all situations if you are lucky.

Whoever is officiating at your wedding will be the best person to ask at what points music would be most appropriate.  Such as, before the wedding (the Prelude), the Bride’s Entrance (her starring moment - make sure it's memorable!), during the Signing of the Registers, while photographs are being taken, or during the meal and evening Reception.  There may be other points at which background music is appropriate such welcoming your guests at the Reception.  Your wedding singers will also be familiar with what is required at different stages, so ask their opinion too.  But make sure that your wishes are taken into account - after all, you are paying and they are playing at your convenience.

You could choose from your favourite soloist singing everything from swing to blues, your favourite artiste tribute bands, jazz bands, singing waiters, soloists, harpists, Gospel singers.  How about a fun sing along for your guests with a Mariachi band, or for an upmarket feel a string quartet or a harpist will give you that Baroque effect for upmarket nuptials. In fact – there’s an endless choice of wedding singers in Cheshire. 

So what kind of Wedding Singer do you want?

You can choose many different styles of wedding entertainment and wedding singers in Cheshire.   Getting real live Wedding singers along with a DJ and disco is a good mix.  Your wedding singer can sing the songs that are close to your heart especially during the bride and groom’s first dance (don’t schedule this too soon), adding a special touch of intimacy to the evening and this can be much more personal than just putting a CD on.  Have fun choosing together the songs that mean the most to both of you!

But what are the most important things to look out for to ensure you get both the awesome musicality and top-notch entertainment you demand for your wedding?  We advise you to check out your Wedding Singers beforehand and there are various ways you can do this!

Check them out first

Don’t pick your wedding singer or band just from the photograph!  Try and find some evidence of their work through word of mouth, if possible try to contact past clients (they should be happy to give you details for your own checks) or independent video footage might be available.  Any real wedding professional worth their salt won’t be doing very many public performances.  Many wedding singers in Cheshire are happy to post videos of their work on You Tube for example.  So don’t get too mesmerised by their looks alone – check them out – and don’t be fooled by ‘studio quality’ recordings – which can be doctored (ever heard of ‘autotune’?) try and get some genuine wedding videos to use references! The real quality of a good singer should be obvious.   To check how your wedding singers in Cheshire really performed in the eyes of the guests, some video testimonials if you can get them are also handy. Best videos for your research won't be the official publicity ones but of a real life wedding where you can hear background noise in the background such as people talking, clapping, plates rattling or Uncle Bert collapsing under the table in the corner. Try and find several events where the wedding singers are performing not just one particular song which they do well – you want a wedding singer who’s versatile not just a one hit wonder.

We’re happy to advertise the entertainers and wedding singers available in Cheshire on our pages – feel free to contact them and ask about their credentials.   A good wedding singer or band may charge about £2000 for the day.  If in doubt - ask for a demonstration to check their talent.

Interviewing your wedding singers

To save yourselves valuable time, get together a list of questions to ask your selected wedding singer or band before you visit the band manager, Provide a list of the names you need announced and ensure that enough detail about each person is available such as whether they are divorced etc, which might save some embarrassment on the day!

One fundamental issue to the wedding will be the timing on the day.  Give your band manager or singer a list of events in chronological order so that everyone knows what is expected and when, They’ll have been doing this for a while, so take on board any advice they can give you, but bear in mind that they will be trying to make life easier for themselves, so keep your own priorities in mind also!

Setting your standards - make your wishes clear

Make sure your Wedding singers know what standard of dress you expect and how far to go with the jokes!  Obviously you want your guests to be in a good humour but overstepping the mark is usually a NO-NO at your wedding.  Whoever is in charge of the wedding breakfast and co-ordination of the whole wedding must be in good contact with the wedding singer so do introduce them to each other early on and decide where and how soon they will be setting up their equipment and instruments and ensure that they are given food and drinks at an appropriate point in the proceedings.  By the way… check with the venue that enough plugs and power is available – the last thing anyone wants is blown fuses in the middle of the biggest number! 

Have a think about the following:

  • What do you want your wedding singers to wear?
  • Are they allowed to smoke on stage?
  • Where will they be setting up and how much space do they need?
  • Outdoor weddings will need sufficient power sources and safe cabling, plus a sheltered area if it rains with a level floor so that they can set up. 
  • Make sure that they take their instructions from you, and be clear about their finishing time with them, so that you don’t incur overtime charges when your new mother in law demands her favourite songs until 3am.
  • If they are telling jokes or stories, ensure that you let them know their limits (you don't want to offend Auntie Barbara).

Choose your wedding singers in Cheshire wisely and you will guarantee the most amazing, memorable and entertaining day for yourselves, and your guests - a day of treasured memories to start off your lifetime of married bliss.



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